Spatter Guard Nozzle Gel

An economy range product that creates a heat absorbing film barrier to protect ordinary carbon steel weld surfaces from weld spatter.

Product Name:
Spatter Guard Nozzle Gel

Spatter Guard Nozzle Gel purpose:
Economy transparent green welding spatter release

Spatter Guard Nozzle Gel applications:
Double action protective film preventing adherence of weld spatter in most applications


Carbon Steels

Spatter Guard Nozzle Gel features & benefits:
Reduced labour costs, improved quality reduced susceptibility to the onset of corrosion

Instructions for use:
Use refillable sprayer, brush or roller and apply a thin continuous film to the surface to be welded. Welding can begin before film dries.

Welding processes:
Gas metal arc welding, flux cored arc welding & shielded metal arc welding

Container size:
5L, 10L, 25L

Physical state:

Non hazardhous, wear protective eye wear, wash hands before eating

Odour & Appearance:
Green transparent – pleasant odour


Boiling Point:
98° C

Freezing Point:
0° C


Solubility Coefficient:
Soluble in water

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