Our customers are achieving measurable savings and improved productivity. Don’t just take our word for it; see what they have to say about our award winning solutions.

“We halved our gas consumption in the first month and in just three months we recovered our initial investment in terms of the massive gas saving we were are now making on a monthly basis. The system has proven to be so effective that we have purchased our 10th Gas Economiser from Shield Technologies™.”

Hendrik Tolmay, manufacturing manager at City Office
August 2011

“We noted a reduction in gas consumption by approximately 800% over a six month time frame after installing a Shield Technologies™ flow meter system and we have been able to save hundreds of litres of gas a minute owing to the leaks found in its pipelines by Shield Technologies™ leak detection technology”

Gerhard de Villiers, Senior Technician at Kwikot Geyser Manufacturers
February 2011