Welding Gas Optimisation

Surging is caused by excess pressure in the gas hose suddenly being released which results in in gas loss each time the welding gun trigger is pulled. It is estimated that as much as 80% of the gas stored in the hose between welding runs is lost each time the trigger is pressed.

Savings of up to 50% can be achieved by installing the Shielding Gas Economiser™ on a TIG or MIG welding machine. Gas flow optimisation is achieved by reducing the gas pressure in the hose to the required level of gas flow at the welding gun nozzle. The Shielding Gas Economiser™ provides the necessary pressure to overcome the inherent restrictions in the system up to the welding gun nozzle and maintains the flow rate at the required level.

Additional losses are incurred when the gas flow rate is set too high. The Shielding Gas Economiser™ includes a locking mechanism that prevents the gas flow rate being set too high.

Shielding Gas Economisers can also be used where welding machines are supplied with gas from a bulk gas installation. In this instance, if a flow meter is installed and a leak detection survey is carried out the saving can exceed 90%

Product Name:

Shielding Gas Economiser MK2

Product Purpose:

Gas consumption surge arrestor

 Shielding Gas Economiser Applications:

All welding compressed gases

Shielding Gas Economiser Features and Benefits:

  • Gas consumption savings of up to 50%, in some instances as much as 90%
  • Prevents surges at start-up and allows for an even flow during welding
  • Regulates gas flow and prevents the gas flow rate being set too high

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(file size 132kb)

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